3-D-Healing ❤️

The human body has many parts to it: the physical and the spiritual body, the peripheral nervous system, the right side and the left side of the brain, chakras – all of it guided and operated by the conscious and subconscious mind. All these parts of YOU are essential to YOUR health.
In 3-D-Healing we combine our medically trained therapists with the master level of spiritual therapists. Some of us reached the ‘black belt’ level in both departments. Working hand in hand as open minded team let’s us achieve superior results with and for you. 3-D-Healing is non-invasive. We don’t want to know and we don’t need to know what is in your head.
We screen thoroughly for present and past injuries on the physical and emotional body. We recommend a thorough and very affordable assessment with HRV, NES, Darkfield Live Blood Microscopy, urine and zinc test, 119 point Thermography.

3-D-Healing comes with quality control

Your body is 70% water. Just like water moves when you play music, thoughts and energies vibrate inside of you. We are your tools to open the gates and unblock stored negative emotions so their steady ripple effect can be removed and healing takes place.
During a light state of trance your brain works within Theta, Alpha, and sometimes Delta brainwaves. Within this very specific state of trance where you are fully present, YOU can access your cellular system, DNA and Higher Self in order to access negative emotional storages all over your fascia and body, in order to get such information and energy ready for extraction ( energetic surgery ). While in this very comfortable state we guide you safely along to the negative unpleasant, fearful, traumatic,…moments of life, anxieties and deep rooted fears, possible past lives, energies that are not your own, and we simply assist in releasing these inhibiting energies. Then the high frequencies of happiness get reinstated and enforced.
Our highly educated professional accesses your body with your permission on non-physical energetic levels while you are in this light state of trance. Here we recognize, find, and initiate removal of damaged bodily fluids and tissues, alignment of muscles and structures, speed up detoxification and accelerate restoration, and reconnect Chakras throughout the body for healthy flow of energy.
We offer nutritional guidance and constitutional supplements as the physical and energetic health both need to be equally supported for complete happiness and functionality.
Contact Naturally Healthy Clinic, Nanaimo, for more information. Our team works all around the world and long distance.